Thursday, October 23, 2008


Most volunteered. Enough said.


Z said...

tell MUST like THE BANd, right?!!

The video was fantastic...can you teach the truth at your school?!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I love The Band. I really the song I Shall Be Released. It is special to anyone in this situation. I'll post Band songs. There are so many. As for teaching the truth, I teach what I know the truth to be. I don't talk about who I vote for, unlike colleagues of the leftist persuasion. I tell my kids that I'll give the information and they make up their own mind. I have a Reagan bulletin board and no one has said anything to me. I'll keep teaching the truth and hope I'm doing the right thing. Next up, November 11th, Veterans Day.

Z said...

How wonderful that you have a Reagan bulletin board and will discuss Veteran's Day.

I am hoping to post about WEE AMERICANS soon, the curriculum I'm teaching as a volunteer at a local religious preschool !! I have pictures of the ceremony I designed for the flag hanging!! I think you'll like it. I figure I have to teach the really little ones to love America before the indoctrination comes.

I KNEW you'd love the Band because it's the same twangy thing I hear in all your favorites you've posted......that Southern, American, down-home wonderful stuff! I can't wait to listen now to the videos you posted..thanks so much! Am going there now!