Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have watched with interest as the MSM puts forth Obama as the "Great Oracle" along with his undisputed role as the Messiah. It certainly must be difficult to perform in the face of this type of adoration. One would tend to believe the press clippings after a while as Obama is the featured act in one pep rally after another.

I say pep rally because just as at a pep rally, all the football/basketball team has to do is show up wearing their jerseys and the cheerleaders break into gyrations and the crowd expresses its wild adjulation in a full-throated cheer. The coach and captain express some meaningless jazz about the upcoming game and again the crowd goes wild and most walk away feeling the good guys will beat the hated rival and all is right with the world. Hurrah!

If you watch an Obama pep rally it is choreographed just as carefully and the speech he delivers is just as meaningless and the crowd is just as primed to express their adoration at the mere sight of their Messiah. And the good guy shall sally forth and smite the enemy and all is right with the world.

The above clip is one of many "non-pep rally" appearences that Obama has made and each of them is a study in watching someone try to answer a question they are not prepared to answer. In other words, Obama doesn't do his homework. He has been given a pass by his fans and the media to the extent that he now knows any answer will do. When delivering a prepared speech he is very good.

First and foremost, all good politicians are good actors. Obama is a pleaser. He is willing to say anything to anyone to ingratiate himself to them. He's one of those kids that you have in class that when their name is brought up everyone says "Oh yeah, what a nice kid." They may have not done more than other kids, but they are nice and polite and don't cause trouble. So you like them.

Obama unplugged is painful to watch. It is telling that McCain prefers the town hall format. He is a more converstional speaker and willing to mix it up with his audience. He doesn't fear a tough question. Sometimes his answers are not great and sometimes they're lame. But he doesn't fear not looking cool. Mostly McCain is spontaneous and witty. Obama fears not looking cool. McCain is much more capable of thinking on his feet than Obama. BO is all about cool. I never saw a guy look more uncomfortable out of uniform. He seems like he's struggling to look like he cares about the question, while at the same time wanting to go over with the cool kids and ditch this loser that is asking him questions he doesn't want to answer. In other words, it's tough for Obama to descend from the mount to talk to all of us lesser beings.

I love watching him struggle in these situations. Of course, it's kind of like pulling the wings off flies or burning ants with a magnifying glass.


Chanman said...

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning. His people had put together a 7 minute montage of all the "Uhhh's" that Obama uttered in just one press conference that he did today in Jordan.

Rush started playing it just before a commercial break, let it play during commercial, and it was still playing when he came back from commercial. It was hilarious!

Without a teleprompter, it seems the Obamassiah can barely utter a coherent sentence.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. It's fun to see him struggle for something to say. You can see him rolling over the reply in his head before it comes out of his mouth. I used to watch the same thing when I questioned people. It was enjoyable to watch them sweat.

Texas Truth said...

When he doesn't have his note cards or prepared questions thrown at him, he falls apart. What a mook.

Texas Truth said...

chanman: I heard that on Rush. It was GREAT!!!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Amusing to watch him roast over an open fire.

Average American said...

The analogy of the fly with the wings pulled off is perfect. That's exactly what NOBAMA looks like without his teleprompter.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. BO is lost without a script. That was the slam on Reagan. He made them eat their words. BO, mannequin, Reagan statesman.