Friday, July 25, 2008


I was reading Powerline and one part of the BO's speech set me off. To portray the Berlin Airlift as a purely humanitarian undertaking is to miss the point. The Berlin Airlift was all about an in your face to the Soviets. Stalin blockaded Berlin in order to force the west into taking some action that might provoke a war. Truman had the courage to say, if you want a confrontation here you go. He felt that he could not allow the Soviets to set the pace and still enforce the containment policy. If he allowed the milk to spill out of the bottle, he could never get it back in. The Berlin Airlift was all about proving that the US would not be intimidated by the Soviets. After 15 months the Soviets lifted the blockade and Berlin was allowed to survive. This type of action would never be undertaken by BO and the Dems. Truman and Kennedy Dems are dead and in today's Dem party are extinct.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Gee, ya think? Every day my vote gets set more and more into stone for McCain.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. BO is getting more and more scary everyday. I hope the people will see through the crap of the MSM.

Texas Truth said...

Barach HUSSEIN Obama is getting very sacry. His comments and speeches semm to be straight from the communist-socialist playbook of the 30s and 40s. Of course the Berlin airlift was about getting in the Soviet's face. We needed to do that to them then and we need to get into people's (countries) faces now.

BHO is going to lead us donw hee primrose part and at the end will be our enenmies, with the guns, just waiting to jump all over us.

Then thee conservatives will have to clean up the mees, just like they ahev doen so many times before.

We need more of that kick-ass, in-your-face attitude now.

Don, American said...

Thank you for the picture of HST, the second best President of the twentieth century.

Law and Order Teacher said...

TT, Don,
Thanks for the visit. HST was a great president who had a lot of courage and he didn't pander to polls. He left office with an approval rating in the low 20s, which adjusted for population was probably lower. Time was kind to him and his greatness was verified.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Good to hear about your vote.