Sunday, June 22, 2008


What made me think about military drill teams was my experience at my dad's funeral. We had a US Navy drill team there and they were incredible. My mother is still talking about how they made her get chills. She was thankful that they recognized the sacrifice my dad made for his country. When TAPS was played I cried, as did everyone in our family. I gave him my National Defense Medal and Ribbon to wear on his jacket. I felt that he had defended his country in a time of war and that was a bond we shared.

My parents also gave me a holy card of St. Joseph when I graduated from the police academy that when recited ensures the person against harm. I carried it my whole career as a police officer, 26 years. I gave it back to my dad and it will be with him for eternity.

I don't think I will ever get over his death, but I am working towards it day by day. He and my mom were married for 56 years. She has a much rougher row to hoe than me.


Tapline said...

L&O Teach, The emptyness will slowly fade, but the memories will remain such is the way or mourning. It is hard to speak of anothers grief because one does not know from whense you come. If God is a part of your life, you know that you will see him again, If not I can empathize with your grief. I have felt what you are feeling today as I have lost both mother and father along with 2 sisters and 1 brother. I can tell you that time is a great healer. I can also say it is very evident from your writings that you were very close and through that closeness you learned from him and will now exercise that learning in those that you love. God bless and stay well...

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. I am getting there. I miss him every minute of everyday. I guess it will get better.