Friday, June 6, 2008

JUNE 6, 1944

Thank God men answered the call on this most horrible of days. The Greatest Generation was truly greatest on this day. I can only imagine what the feeling of the troops must have been on this day. I've read of the ride across the channel that made most of the men seasick and of the decks of the vessels being awash in vomit and blood. In my experience, I remember praying and asking for God to protect us and thinking "I hope he thinks we're on the right side." I'm sure that he did.



Anonymous said...

We as a country are losing a valuable resource every day--the veterans of World War II, yes they were truly The Greatest Generation.

Like their predecessor of 1776, we may never see their likes again.

Thank you, LOT, for your service.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. You are right on that score. Thankfully, many are making themselves part of the oral history project of the Library of Congress. I am visiting my in-laws over 4th of July. My father-in-law is a Air Air Corps veteran of WWII. He is 84 and still will talk about the war.

Obob said...

My grandfather passed away in 92 and never talked about WW II. What I have found out came from family members.

Obob said...

My grandfather passed away in 92 and never talked about WW II. What I have found out came from family members.

Texas Truth said...

My uncle went over the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc. He and a buddy were the only ones in their unit that made it over. I only heard about this once and he never talked about it. I know there was some amazing stories there, but I knew better than to inquire. He died about 15 years ago. May he Rest in Peace.

Tapline said...

L&O teach.....Good post. i think I go with Nun,,,,They will not pass this way again....Most of the old timers that really did see combat will not talk about it even now. we hear stories about taking prisoners and being told take no prisoners, Now share your rations with them...There were no prisonere....My cousin use to wake up with her husband trying to strangle her. No, OH! wait well get a counsellor....they counseled themselves. i go to Copd classes with an 86 year old WWII- B-25 pilot over Burma.....He doesn't talk about his flying days.... stay well....

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. Many don't talk about it, although many do. Check out the oral history project at the National Archives. Good stuff.

Thanks for the visit. Don't you wish you had the opportunity to talk to them now, when you are older and can appreciate it.

Thanks for the visit. True enough. A lot won't discuss their experiences and that should be respected. The oral history project is a gold mine. Take Care.