Saturday, May 24, 2008


"Socialize" the oil industry? Obviously she was looking for "nationalize." The problem is that she probably had the audacity to verbalize in public the agenda of the Dems. While I was the recipient of "resocialization" in basic training, we will all be the victims of nationalization. The USSR nationalized all industry after the the Russian Revolution with devastating results. I think if a veto proof majority is elected in the congress along with Obama as president, we are in for an unprecedented round of socialism.

For those of you who are struggling with voting for McCain, the alternative is without a doubt, catyclismic for America. Taxes will go out of sight for most of us because if you want all of the things Obama wants someone has to pay for it. And it won't just be the hated rich, but it will be the middle class and that includes you who earn about $50,000 or more. These things that Obama wants to impose on America and pay for are incredibly expensive. My question is who will pay for this?

Class warfare only goes so far. Where do you draw the line when it comes to paying for these government programs. The government only has one source of income and that is taxes. Taxes come from Americans. Dems cannot reach into some magical grab bag and find money. It comes from us, the taxpayers. I hate that gas is expensive as it is.

I come from the generation that saw gas as a resource that was always there. We paid 30 cents or so per gallon when I was a kid. We went on Sunday drives, we cruised as teenagers listening to our music, and I remember my mother saying we drove to the Air Force base to watch planes take off for entertainment. I remember eating a big bag of popcorn while I watched the power of America as it took off from the base. I was enthralled by the planes and I felt pride in my country. I was raised in the Cold War period and it was comforting to see the air power of the US.

My dad insisted that his children watch JFK make his speech about the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was mesmerized by the evidence that he showed of the Soviet presence near my home. The Soviets were bad people and we needed to work to defeat them. I was taught that we were Americans and that we were chosen to change the world. I was also taught that each American owed everything to our country. We are blessed to be Americans and we should be willing to give everything back to her.

Just some thoughts when I heard Maxine Waters and her bald-faced message to America.


Anonymous said...

Politics are no longer my party and your party and we can work together for the good of the country. It is now me versus you and winner take all.w

Average American said...

.....I think if a veto proof majority is elected in the congress along with Obama as president, we are in for an unprecedented round of socialism.....

I think all Americans should be afraid...VERY AFRAID!! When either party controls the whole enchilada, bad things happen. It becomes way to easy to railroad everything through. I believe that the dems will control both houses, hopefully not by a veto proof margin, but I think McCain will be the next president. He scares me on immigration but other than that, I pretty much like him.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. You are right, the thought of service to country is no longer the issue. It is a power grab.

Thanks for the visit. I'm with you in your fear of Obama. McCain is the right guy to win this election. I don't agree with him on everything, but I have immense respect for him.