Monday, April 14, 2008


These words sound a little bit different than those of Jeremiah Wright. While I deplore that Wright suffered discrimination in America, I think it is really instructive the difference in his words and those of McCain. While Wright has given in to bitter, racist hatred, McCain credits his faith with saving his life while in a POW camp in the most brutal of circumstances. One man has continued to love his country and celebrated his faith, while the other uses his faith as a weapon to denigrate and hate his country and his fellow countrymen.

My question, why would Obama continue to turn to this type of man for spiritual guidance? McCain has forgiven his cruel captors, went on with his life and become the hero he is today. Obama would do well to look to McCain for guidance rather than Wright. Talk about bitter.


Anonymous said...

Obama will be the ultimate chameleon to get the black vote. While at the same time, singing a different tune with the liberal whites who want "change."

With him change is his only constant.

My hopes are that McCain will be able to stay true to his course and convince those who are not sheep, that change is not always a positive thing.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. McCain continues to impress me with his campaigning ability. I think he is playing it just right. Take some shots but basically keep it on the level. It makes him look like the pro in this race not a cheap shotter like the other two.

Average American said...

Obama IS bitter. You would think that he was a slave at one time. Look how he treated his poor grandmother! I don't believe for one moment that he thinks reverend Wright is/was wrong. I think he kept going back to that disgusting church and pastor because he believed everything he heard there. The biggest source of racism in today's America rests with the blacks, NOT the whites. Mr. and Mrs. Obama are prime examples of that!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Unfortunately, I think you are right. It's a shame that race is such a variable in life, but it is what it is. Obama is nothing more than a race baiter in disguise. He is playing the card that he is this guy who trancends race but he is spending his political capital getting right with his fellow race baiters. What a shame.