Saturday, March 29, 2008

A post at Dr.D's American Power (blogroll) got me thinking about war and it ramifications. As I said at his site, most veterans return home and live boring, mundane lives. While boring may be a bad thing to some, to us it represents normalcy. When you have been subjected to abnormalcy, it is a blessed beautiful thing to get back to normal. I have been blessed everyday of my life to return home and be a husband, father, brother and and a son. It has been great.

When my daughter was diagnosed with MS I was devastated. It represented the only time in my life I felt out of control. I have adjusted to her disease and I am in awe at her determination to live her life to the fullest. She has showed me what it takes to fight back and succeed against something against which you have no control. In my life control has been everything. Now it is nothing. Events have controlled me and I have to adjust. I am.

I picked this video because it reminds me of some things I had forgotten. It also reminds me of why I didn't want Kerry to be president. McCain is the epitome of a veteran who has adjusted to his life and excelled. He said that the minute he stepped off the plane in 1973 he forgot about Vietnam. That is what I tried to do and I am amazed, after what he went through, he was man enough to say good-bye.

We have to have a man like McCain be our president. Kerry was crap and I was glad to work for his defeat. He wasn't crap because he was against the war. Anyone who was in one is against war. He stepped over the line when he talked about his brothers as criminals. That was a blatant grab for power on his part and was unforgivable. I will never forgive him for that.

I will never vote for someone who advocates the disarmament of our country. Obama is wrong on every issue and I will work to defeat him. He is a panderer to anti-war groups. I don't like war, but I understand that it is necessary at times in history. MCCAIN.


Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for sharing, Law and Order Teacher!

I hope your daughter's holding up well, and I think it's great that blogging's helping you in your progress in making it day by day.

I'm very impressed with your work for McCain as well. I too think he truly represents the same vision and goodness of President Kennedy. Flawed as he was, they don't make Democrats like that anymore.

Average American said...

I am so glad that I never met John Kerry or Jane Fonda whilst carrying my m-16!

If everyday Americans discuss being for or against the war amongst themselves, there is no problem. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When people who live in the spotlight of the media do so, that is most certainly a problem. When our enemies get the idea that all they have to do is survive for a while and we'll quit, THAT COSTS AMERICANS their live!! They get that idea from our politicians and movie stars spouting off about leaving and giving timetables.

Way to go Obama and Clinton. Every American that dies during the current shia vs shia fighting, has YOU to haunt! This is just Iran's way of defeating McCain because the Iranians know they may be next.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your opinion of the war and those who have NO credibility regarding the subject.

Yesterday marked 35 years since we withdrew from Viet Nam. I wonder how different the war would have been if the American military had been allowed to fight to win. It set a precedent which we have been paying for ever since.

All terrorists know now that the American military is forever hamstrung by misguided public opinion, liberal press, and gutless politicians.

Tapline said...

L&O Teach, I read this post and thought I commented on it. It is outstanding. The video was spot on......We did not withdraw from Vietnam we surrendered the city to the enemy. We were sold by the same crowd who want us to do the same thing in Iraq. cut and run. I remember the American Embassy scene on the roof so vividly, and the slaughter that followed. The really sad part of it is, the MSM still doesn't get it.........Like someone else I heard who would throw their grandmother under the bus,,,,,,and he did.......stay well....

Don, American said...

I am of an age when my only service was during the "Cold War," but the mere fact we were mobilized was, and still is, a deterrent. John McCain understands that, and he is the ONLY choice, at this time, for President.

mamapajamas said...


Great post... I've always found that Stolen Valor group and their works to be a bit of truth that was long past due for release.

I spent the last years of the Vietnam Era in an Air Force computer room here in the States. For those who say that the poor treatment of the returning Vets was a "myth", I submit this fact... that we weren't allowed to wear uniforms off base because they "caused trouble".

How do unforms "cause trouble"? The only way they can do so would be if soldiers were being targeted for harrassment. Which means that they WERE being harrassed.

After all, if the same soldiers in civvies does NOT "cause trouble", then it must be the evil uniform itself that possessed him like a demon and "caused trouble". That is the only way a uniform can "cause trouble".

But I don't believe in demon possession. I believe in the idiocy of those who harrass. I believe that there are a few genuinely evil people who want to destroy our country, and a massive number of stupid people who will take up their cause and carry it to extremes because it's fashionable to do so. That was what I saw in the late '60s- early '70s, and that what seems to be happening again today.

Like many other Republicans, I have a LOT of problems with Sen. McCain. He is going to have to do a lot of convincing to get me as an active supporter. For instance, his recently unveiled idea of forming a new international organization of democratic nations horrifies me... we need to kick the UN out of New York before we even THINK about sublimating our national will to yet another alphabet soup agency.

However, given the two other choices in this race, there is no contest here. I WILL vote for McCain, and will work against the other two. During the 2000 election, for instance, I printed hundreds of fliers in support of Ralph Nader and distributed them around the two universities in our area. I would like to think I had some influence upon getting people at the schools to vote for Nader instead of Gore. My fliers were good ones, too... you'd think I actually liked the clown! :) Since Nader is talking about running again as a 3rd party candidate this year, I may have to fire up my printer again! :)

There are things that can be done without being an active supporter and I will do all of them to bollux up the opposition candidate as well as I can. I don't want either Obama or Clinton in the White House. And I will do what I can to stop them.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks again for your visit. I can't begin to tell you the influence you have had on my blogging. Again I say, I am amazed at the amount of information you churn out on a daily basis.

Your point is on the money. If our enemies realize that all they have to do is outlast us, we will not be trusted by anyone. Thanks for your visit. I'll be on your site.

I don't pay attention to the anniversary so much anymore. It is too painful to realize we lost over 58,000 young men and then we were pulled out like their sacrifice meant nothing. I go to the traveling wall when it comes close, but that is private. I have never shook the feeling that our government put policy over the lives of its citizens.

I am with you on our feeling. It hurts to remember that we were made to surrender after so many died. When crap like Kerry walk around like conquering heroes it makes my blood boil. McCain is a true hero, though I disagree with him a lot. But I also know that I can depend on his word. He will do what he says. I may not agree but he is honest. That means a lot.

don, american,
Thanks for visiting. Your service was honorable as are veterans. Most of the time I wish I was a little older or a little younger. Just kidding. It is what it is. People who join the military are heroes who will do as asked and serve where they are told. Something a lot of Americans pay lip service to, but rarely do.

If there is a worse memory for me of my service time, it is being told that on the way home I shouldn't wear my uniform. We all thought, what the hell happened that we didn't know about? That's why I make it a point to thank every GI I meet for his/her service. As for your work on "behalf" of Nader, you must be some kind of diabolical genius, because it worked. Well done. I trust McCain to be a man of his word and someone we can trust. I have a lot of policy differences with him, but I feel that he listens and may be persuaded. As for the most important of all issues, he is far and above of the two Dems. McCain keeps his word, the other two, well Clinton is a proven liar and Obama is in the process of burnishing his credentials in that direction. Thanks for the visit.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. When the democratic blood feud er primaries end, it's going to be fun to watch as either Billary or Obama get exposed for the old school socialists that they really are. Hopefully McCain will point out how much our taxes are going to go up if we don't extent the tax cuts that were passed several years back. In addition hopefully he (McCain) will point out how much both of them have fed at the trough since his earmarks total about... $0.00

Told ya I was paying attention...

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the visit. You have been paying attention. I think the fact that McCain hasn't made any earmarks will be big in the election. I hope we will be right in the election. Good luck with your classes.