Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Obama's speech yesterday was well-crafted. Much as Obama himself, closer examination reveals flaws. The speech wasn't so much about race as it was a blatant attempt at damage control. Put aside the attempt at camoflouge concerning the incendiary remarks of Jeremiah Wright. There is absolutely no way to misunderstand the remarks. They are racist and inflammatory. They are divisive, shocking in their hatred, and of no use in bridging any racial divide. That is not their intent. Statements of a similar nature by a white preacher would have been universally condemned.

My biggest problem with the speech is that you really have to want to be convinced by it for it to work. A couple of things really bothered me in the speech. First, Obama admitted, after intially denying it, that he had heard Wright make controversial statements from the pew. Isn't it interesting that that statement drew little attention. That is an admission of lying. You have to want to believe him for that to be ignored. YES WE CAN!

Then comes the uncontrollable urge of liberals to frame everything through the prism of moral equivalence. In his speech, Obama equates Geraldine Ferraro's statement that he would not be as successful in the election if he were white, with those of Wright. Put aside for a moment that the statement is clumsy. His resume is incredibly thin for a candidate at this stage of the campaign. Edwards fell by the wayside and rightfully so. Their political philosophy is almost identical. Their political experience is about the same, although Obama's is even less than Edwards. To equate Ferraro's statements with those of Wright is patently absurd. You have to want to believe. YES WE CAN!

Next Obama gallantly and with a lot of love I'm sure, gently throws his grandmother under the bus. Nice! To equate his grandmother's stated fear of being approached by a black man on the street with Wright's statements is incredible. Assuming that his grandmother is probably older, she is probably normal in experiencing fear of being approached by males of any race. I was a police officer and in certain situations I was nervous about being approached on the street by a male, regardless of race. And I had a gun. You have to want to believe. YES WE CAN!

Obama had a great opportunity to accept responsibility for his obfuscation and he dropped the ball. In the process, his character flaws and the bankruptcy of his campaign were laid bare for all to see, provided you allowed yourself to see. You have want to believe in him to buy his rhetoric. YES WE CAN!


Tapline said...

L&O Teach, I have not written on this because I am too upset over the whole thing. I guess when you have lived for as long as I with all the history under my belt. Seeing, how far this country has advanced! It really shakes my foundations of faith, We haven't progress as far as I had thought, ..then to top it off,,,to have many people give reasons for spewing such hatred. ..I ramble..stay well.....

Average American said...

I'll bet Obama's grandmother regrets the day she shit that asshole out. You know what, if it were doable, I'd go back in time and offer to pay for her abortion!! What a thing to write in a conservative blog. Sorry but I can't help it.

I feel so bad for that poor woman! It's a real good thing that she is alive though, cause other wise she'd be rolling over in her grave!

The way I see it, the speech will sit very well with the far left, will be butchered by people like us, and will not be very well received by a lot of independents. I think he just LOST his bid for the oval office, and the Reverend Wright lost his chance to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, you know that room Slick Willy rented out to the Chinese.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Tapline and Avg American,
Thanks for the comments. We can only hope that the MSM looks at Obama's speech without their usual breathless admiration and truly analyzes his statements. (Yeah, right). The selling out of his grandmother is truly disgusting and exploitive. What a great man. I think he is beginnign to wilt under the intense scrutiny. Check out Powerline and Obama's statement about "Normal white people."

Average American said...

I found out more about poor Grandma. Check out "Dreams of my father" at my site.


Donald Douglas said...

He did drop the ball. Nice posting, Sir.

Have a great Easter!

Don, American said...

Actually, he threw grandma under the bus before his big speech. On that occasion, he backed up and drove over her again.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Good call!! What a lowlife. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...


I'll tell you what bankruptcy looks like--McCain has to cheat the FEC rules, float a phony baloney loan to keep his incompetent campaign going, and he survives to become the man who can barely raise a few million dollars a month to run for President.

By the way, love how Lieberman has to prompt him to say the right things in public--does he have enough sock puppets to get him to November?