Sunday, February 24, 2008


After I worked at a McCain phone bank I went home and watched some of the "State of the Black Union" on C-SPAN. I normally turn off crap like this, but when I tuned in Michael Steele was speaking. He is the former Lt. Governor of Maryland who ran for U.S. Senator in 2006, and was defeated in the bloodbath of the election. He probably would have won in any other year. He narrowly lost to Cardin the Democrat Party machine candidate. He is now the chairman of GO-PAC.

First, I give him courage points for addressing this Democrat party love-in. He surprised me and I think the audience too, with his wit and wisdom. He spoke of growing up in the segregated south and connected with the audience. As he spoke I thought what a great running mate for McCain. He would be a great spokesmen for the inclusion of the Republican Party and would be an asset to McCain with all audiences. Unlike Obama, this guy has a track record and one of achievement. Next to Steele, Obama looks like the amateur he is. I would love to see McCain step away from the ordinary and look at someone like Steele.

Steele strikes me as someone who is willing to buck the trend of black Democrats because he realizes that the Democrats have used blacks to get votes and very seldom have they delivered on their promises. The Democrats' strategy of victimhood has been a failed strategy and it's about time to call them on it. We'll see.


Donald Douglas said...

Great post!!

I really like Steele. Too bad he didn't win in '06, because he'd be awesome veep material this year.

Stay well...

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I agree with Dr. Douglas, I certainly hope the McCain would pick him.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Dr.D, Vegas,

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