Monday, April 30, 2007


For the first time in my teaching career, nearly 5 years, I have taken a personal day. I don't think it is wrong to take off, I just didn't do it. I think the biggest problem for me has always been that I can't let go. I feel the need to be there to teach them what I want them to know and what I know they need to know according to the state standards. It's just hard to trust them to anyone else. The students have asked me why I don't take days off. They think that represents a day off for them. Subs are more than capable of making them work if we leave good instructions. I used to sub and I can tell you it is harder than hell. You never are on the inside and in high school the kids try to take advantage of you. It's just a tough assignment. I admire them greatly. And in this case I thank subs for the time off I need.

They are a vital part of education and we should make it as easy as possible for them to succeed. Giving them clear instructions is a great way to help both them and the students succeed in the school day. I want to know what other teachers and subs think of this situation. Subs are throughout every school each day. Their presence makes them a vital part of education. Are students served well by the subs system in schools?

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