Thursday, April 19, 2007


With everything that has gone on it seems hard to talk about anything but Va.Tech. But it is now time to get beyond this. That does not mean to ignore it but to get beyond it. As a retired police officer I am keenly aware of the effects of violence. I have seen them first hand. But what sickens me is the use of this tragedy to further agendas. Allow the families to grieve and move on without using the deaths of their loved ones to further an agenda. That is sickening in the extreme. Some politicians should be tarred and feathered for their use of this tragedy to promote their agenda (Yes, you Barbara Boxer).

Now we will endure the inevitable second-guessing and posturing that always follows these incidents. As usual, the most vitriolic are the least informed. While I am not happy with the decision of the police and administration at Va. Tech. after the first shooting, I want to wait until I hear the dynamics of their decision to make up my mind.

In the meantime, please stop the posturing! It is disgusting.

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